Does Hometown Hoodies accept Bitcoin and Ether? YES! We accept cryptocurrency now.

Why does Hometown Hoodies accept cryptocurrency for payment?
Cryptocurrency eliminates the transaction fees, chargebacks, and delays of payment options involving traditional banks. As a corporate service provider serving worldwide enterprises, we are eager to offers an easy-to-use payment solution that is cost-effective and accessible all over the world.

Why we accept Bitcoin as a currency?
Bitcoin is an extremely fast-spreading digital currency, and it has the largest and most well-known marketplace. Many merchants are already accepting Bitcoin for payment, from “brick-and-mortar” shops to online business such as, Expedia, and Newegg.

Bitcoin offers fast cross-borders payments without transaction fees as there are no middlemen (e.g. banks) involved in sending and receiving bitcoins. It helps both our customers and us to send and receive money faster and cheaper.

Why we accept Ether as a currency?
At the time of writing, Ether is the second most valuable form of digital money after Bitcoin. Both Bitcoin and Ether‘s appeal lies in money that are not controlled by any one party, and do not have to run through a central server to maintain their interest.

We at Hometown Hoodies see Ether is a rising star of cryptocurrency world, as the technology behind Ether – Ethereum – is more useful than that of Bitcoin. The Ethereum technology allows not just the currency to run on the network, but for all sort of computer applications and digital data to run and store on it.

Although the value of Ether is volatile, the advantages of Ethereum are profound. We are eager to be part of the network, and fuel the Ethereum.

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